Smoke Alarm Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do Capital Electrical electricians install Smoke Alarms?

Book your smoke alarm upgrade with Capital Electrical from anywhere in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We service all areas from the Tweed right up to the Northern Brisbane suburbs and out as far as Ipswich.

Do you do Smoke Compliance Certificates?

Yes. Capital Electrical electricians issue sellers smoke compliance certificates. For urgent compliance certificates we can also take same day bookings. If your property is compliant our electricians can issue compliance certificates immediately. In cases where an upgrade is required, we will make you a priority. Just let us know when you call.

Do your electricians know the smoke alarm legislations?

All Capital Electrical electricians are up to date with the latest Queensland smoke alarm legislation. Sellers compliance certificates are mandatory and our electricians are experienced in installing the right type of smoke alarm in the right location and with the correct number required.

How much do smoke alarms cost?

Smoke Alarms can vary in cost depending on type, brand, how long the company guarantees the smoke alarm for and features. There are a number of features your smoke alarm may have including test button, silencer, remote silencer, interconnectedness and design. Generally interconnected smoke alarms fully installed will cost between $120 – $200 per alarm.

What types of smoke Alarms are there?

There are 2 general categories of smoke alarms depending on how they sense smoke and these are Ionisation smoke alarms and photo electric smoke alarms. In QLD, ionisation smoke alarms are considered inferior and no longer meet Australian Standards. The reason they’re now deemed inferior is in most instances these alarms take longer to detect house fire which leaves less time to escape.

What is a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm?

Photoelectric smoke alarms can sense smoke in just seconds sending an alarm that give you time to escape. They are also less likely to give a false alarm and are the type required to comply with AS 3786:2014. Photoelectric alarms can be hard wired or battery operated with a long life lithium battery. Hard wired smoke alarms can only be installed by a qualified electrician.

How long does it take to install a smoke alarm?

The length of time required to install varies depending on whether it is hard wired or battery operated. Capital Electrical electricians will minimise disruption to your day but expect a full smoke alarm upgrade for an average sized dwelling to take between 2-4 hours depending on the size of your property and number of alarms required.

Will I notice the smoke alarms?

You won’t really notice the smoke alarms as they’re relatively small and usually white. There are different designs if you are very particular about your home design. Just remember they must be interconnect, photoelectric and comply with minimum Australian standard of AS 378:2014.

How many smoke alarms do I need?

The number of smoke alarms required is determined by a number of factors in Queensland. The number of alarms is related to; how many bedrooms your property has, how many hall ways, how many living areas and how many storeys in your property. You will then need to calculate 1 alarm for each bedroom, 1 for each hallway that connects these bedrooms. There also needs to be 1 on each storey & if there is no hallway there should be a smoke alarm along the exit route.

Does an electrician need to install hard wired smoke alarms?

Yes. Only a qualified electrician can install a hard wired smoke alarm. And where there is an existing hard wired smoke alarm, only a qualified electrician can replace the faulty alarm. Capital Electrical will not send a techie to your smoke alarm upgrade job. If a techie attends a job where there is a fault hard wired smoke alarm, they are unable to repair and would need to call an electrician.

Are Smoke Alarms mandatory?

There are 2 answers to this questions. Fire alarms are mandatory in all rental properties so in that sense yes. They are also mandatory in all recent builds. By January 2027 ALL Queensland properties will need to be compliant, so that gives most home owners around 5 years to upgrade their property.


Do I need to get smoke alarms checked?

No – your landlord is responsible for getting the smoke alarms checked and will need to have them done within 30 days of your lease start date.

What if the smoke alarm keeps going off?

If there is no fire and your alarm in going off it may be faulty. Capital Electrical electricians can come and check to see if your smoke alarm is faulty – however you will still need to contact your Property Manager before a tradie can attend the property.

Can I take the battery out of a beeping smoke alarm?

No. Absolutely not. Taking a battery from a smoke alarm is dangerous and should never be done. Ever. It may also mean you are responsible for any damage caused by a potential fire.

Do I have to allow tradies in my rental to install Smoke Alarms?

Property owners are responsible for ensuring there are working interconnected smoke alarms in their rental property. This means, for your safety you will need to allow entry to the electrician for the purposes of upgrading and/or checking your smoke alarms. You are more than welcome to be present. Keep in mind, our tradies are doing this all day, and will be out of your way as soon as possible.

Will a tradie need to access my bedrooms?

Yes, if the electrician is onsite to check, repair or replace a smoke alarm in your bedroom, they will need access. But rest assured they will be as quick as possible.

Do I have to be present if an electrician in present in my house?

No, its not necessary to be present when your electrician is in your property. In fact, many home owners and renters simply grant us access or leave our electricians a key for entry into the property. Our experienced and professional team ensure all work is tidied before they leave. And we’ll make sure the pets don’t escape!

How do I know if there are enough smoke alarms installed in my rental?

Landlords must have a compliance certificate to rent out there investment property. You can be assured that if this has been issued to your landlord, then the property is compliant.


Do I need a Smoker Alarm Compliance Certificate?

Yes, if you are selling a property in Queensland you will need that property to have a Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate issued. The contract will not be permitted to proceed until this is done.

Who can issue a smoke alarm compliance certificate

We recommend you have your smoke alarm compliance issued by a fully licensed QLD or NSW licensed electrician. They are best placed to be able to ensure interconnected hard wired smoke alarms are both located correctly and are in working order.

How long does a smoke alarm compliance certificate take?

Same day service is available for Sellers who urgently need a Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate. Provided the property is compliant Capital Electrical electricians can issue immediately. If additional works, repairs or installs are required, Capital Electrical will call the client and organise works as a priority.

How long does a smoke alarm compliance certificate last?

A smoke alarm certificate issued to an owner occupier has no expiry. Once it is issued it is current, however we would recommend having an experienced electrician test the alarms annually to ensure they are working their best. In the instance of rental properties a smoke alarm compliance certificate will last 12 months. will Each time the property is either sold or leased, a new compliance certificate will need to be issued. The certificate is then valid until the property changes interests.

How long does it take for a smoke alarm inspection

Capital Electrical electricians attend thousands of smoke alarm inspections each year and are therefore very experienced at fire alarm inspections. A standard appointment would take no more than 1 hour. This of course can change depending on a property’s individual requirements.

How long does a smoke alarm upgrade take?

If an electrician is required to replace hard wired smoke alarms, or install new hard wired or lithium battery alarms, you may find an upgrade can take anywhere from 2 – 5 hours. Again, it will depend on the type and the number as well as the size of your property.,

How much do interconnected smoke alarms cost?

Smoke Alarms can vary in cost depending on type, brand, how long the company guarantees the smoke alarm for and features. There are a number of features your smoke alarm may have including test button, silencer, remote silencer, interconnectedness and design. Generally interconnected smoke alarms fully installed will cost between $120 – $200 per alarm.

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I am going to rent my home, what do I need to do?

You will need to be compliant with current legislation (QLD only). If you need a Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate call Capital Electrical and our electricians will see if your property has the required alarms, in the correct locations and that they are all in working condition. Properties without this cannot be leased in QLD.

How often should I get my smoke alarms checked?

You should have your rental property checked annually, or after every lease. You can enroll in Capital Electrical’s Compliance Programme and we will send you a reminder as well as attend your property each year. This means your property will always be compliant.


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