The new year has seen a raft of Smoke Alarm legislation changes in Queensland which will have a big impact on property owners, of both investment properties and private homes.  It is now mandatory that all investment properties be fitted with interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarms.  They will need to be located in every bedroom and living areas, and in some instances in hall ways.  Sounds gibberish?  Let’s look at this in pieces.

Interconnected – the alarms work together so they will need to be wired in.  This should be done by a licensed electrician.

Photoelectric – you know those D-cell battery operated smoke alarms that always go off when someone burns toast?  Well you can’t have those anymore.  Instead, you will need to have PHOTOELECTRIC alarms.  These will be wired into your home.  Again, this can only be done by a licensed electrician.

Where they need to go – The alarms will need to be located in every bedroom and depending on the entrance position of your bedroom, in some hallways.  The best thing to do would be be to have a sparkie or other smoke alarm company to check where you will need to have your alarm positioned.

Capital Electrical have experience in smoke alarms and can help make your investment property compliant.

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