Its Winter, the highest danger season for house fires. Did you know that in the year 2004-2015 in QLD, 32 children died in house or dwelling fires? Most house fires occur between 8am and 8pm particularly when most families are fast asleep from midnight to 4am. Smoke Alarms are the most important residential fire safety device. In the event of a house fire, smoke and deadly gases tend to spread faster and farther tan heat and vast majority of death is due to smoke & gas inhalation. A house can be fully alight within minutes. Interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarms increases your escape time and is your best defence in house fire. Now is the time to upgrade your battery smoke alarm. Capital Electrical’s licensed electricians service all areas in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and will hard wire, quality Clipsal Smoke Alarms to comply with new QLD legislation and to make your house safer.

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